• Arthur J Soles - 2020
  • Inter-spieces conversation, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC
  • Lovely ladies at the Golden Hour at Kin Beach - Chemainus

  • Family of Ducks - Echo Park Swamp, Chemainus, BC
  • Heron at Fulfort Harbour - Salt Spring Island - What are you doing on my pier?
  • Horned Owl - Beacon Hill Park - Please turn off the Lights when you leave!
  • We have to quit meeting like this!
  • Bald Eagle - gliding over Chemainus, BC
  • Horse Drawn carriage at entrance to Old Chemainus.
  • Sunrise in Chemainus!
  • Winter in Chemainus
  • My Little Breakfast Buddy - Just loves his pumpkin seeds!
  • A song for Spring - Chemainus, BC

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